Step 1: Prep

Sunfinity Sunflower in Branded White Pot

Deciding Where To Plant

  • Pick a bright and sunny location (Sunfinity needs at least 6+ hours of mid-day sun to thrive)
  • Sunfinity can be planted both in the ground or in large pots
    • In The Garden
      • Clear debris, remove weeds and turn over or fluff the soil
      • The addition of soil amendments, like compost, are beneficial for all plants, including Sunfinity
      • Make sure your soil is moist but not soggy
    • In Planters and Containers
      • Select a large container at least 12" in diameter at the top
      • Containers for plants should always have a drainage hole on the bottom
      • Any potting mix for flowers will do.  Avoid 'Garden Soil' in containers

Step 2: Plant

Sunfinity Sunflower Planted in Front of Barn Door Shutters

In Ground

  • Dig a hole twice as wide, but just as deep as the roots
  • Remove from the pot and place your Sunfinity into the hole and gently add the soil back into the hole
  • Gently tap the soil around the roots to stabilize your beautiful sunflower
  • Amply water your Sunfinity immediately after planting

In Containers

  • Fill your pot ¾ full with potting mix
  • Remove from the pot and gently place your Sunfinity into the center of the new container
  • Keep the plant stable while filling up the rest of the pot with potting mix
  • Gently press the soil around the roots, and continue to fill container
  • Thoroughly (and slowly) water the pot until all of the potting mix is wet. Water should drain from the drain hole

Step 3: Enjoy!

Sunfinity Sunflower And A Sign With The Sunfinity Logo

During The Season

  • Water your Sunfinity often to avoid wilting leaves
  • Add enough water to wet the entire root area (both in pots and garden)
  • Watch your Sunfinity blossom and grow!

Optional Care Instructions

  • Although not essential, fertilizing your Sunfinity with a balanced plant food will yield even more sunflowers for your garden
  • As your Sunfinity grows, pinching off old blooms will encourage more new flowers and keep plants tidy-looking

Frequently Asked Questions

My Sunfinity looks pale green. Is that normal?

Sunfinity will be the most beautiful with regular watering and occasional fertilizing.  Remember to water Sunfinity often (it could be every day in the summer heat) and apply plant food to keep it dark green and blooming.

My Sunfinity has white fuzzy stuff on the leaves. What is this?

Your Sunfinity probably has mildew. This is natural and is easily cured with good air circulation around the leaves. Water plants early in the day so leaves are dried by the sun.

I have bugs on my Sunfinity plants. What do I do?

Sunfinity can be attacked by common garden pests such as aphids, whiteflies and other chewing bugs. Use a strong blast of water to dislodge them, or a simple mix of dish-soap and water sprayed can help eliminate bugs. Traditional and organic insect controls are available at your local garden center if the problem persists.

Do Sunfinity Sunflowers attract pollinators?

Sunfinity is a very pollinator friendly plant!. Although it  produces little pollen and few seeds, it is nectar-rich and offers a great habitat for bees, bugs and birds.  Watch it 'buzz' with activity all season long.

How long do Sunfinity last in the garden?

Sunfinity Sunflowers are true annuals, meaning they complete their full life cycle within one season and then die. After 9 to 12 weeks in the garden, flowering rates will begin to decrease and eventually the plants will die completely. In contrast, traditional potted sunflowers have a much shorter garden life of 3 to 4 weeks, during which they usually flower for no more than half of that period