Sunfinity™ Inspiration

As versatile as it is beautiful, Sunfinity™ Sunflowers can be used in a multitude of ways. From the landscape bed to an indoor bouquet, Sunfinity brings beauty to your home and garden — inside and out. Click the images below to see how gardeners and professionals like you use Sunfinity to bring color to their garden all summer long.

How To Create A Floral Arrangement With Sunfinity Sunflowers

With endless blooms all summer long, Sunfinity is your personal supply of cut flowers this summer! The most suitable selections for indoor bouquets and floral arrangements are young buds with petals just beginning to show color. Ensure proper nutrition, watering, and maintenance to keep the flowers and stems robust and healthy. This will prevent sagging stems and wilting flowers.

Cut Sunfinity Sunflower arrangements should last 7–10 days in standard tap water. Replace with a new flush of blooms throughout the season to ensure your arrangement looks wonderful all summer long.