Sunfinity™ Inspiration

As versatile as it is beautiful, Sunfinity™ Sunflowers can be used in a multitude of ways. From the landscape bed to an indoor bouquet, Sunfinity brings beauty to your home and garden — inside and out. Click the images below to see how gardeners and professionals like you use Sunfinity to bring color to their garden all summer long.

Landscape Gardening with Sunfinity Sunflowers

Sunfinity is your go-to solution for adding height to your summer garden. Planting a row of Sunfinity along a hedge, wall, or in raised bed gives your garden that much-needed vertical volume. With a garden height up four feet and a spread of more than two feet, Sunfinity excels in the landscapes all season long. Plant in a garden bed outside a window and be greeted with a sunny smile every morning.

Planting Guide

  1. Before planting, remove weeds and turn over or fluff the soil. Add soil amendments, like compost, if needed.
  2. Moisten the soil, but not too much where it becomes soggy
  3. Dig ahole twice as wide, but just as deep as the roots of your Sunfinity Sunflower.
  4. Remove from the pot and place your Sunfinity into the hole and gently add the soil back into the hole. Gently tap the soil around the roots to stabilize your beautiful sunflower
  5. Generously water your Sunfinity immediately after planting

Seasonal Maintenance

  1. Water your Sunfinity often to avoid wilting leaves Add enough water to wet the entire root area.
  2. (Optional) fertilizing your Sunfinity with a balanced plant food will yield even more sunflowers for your garden
  3. As your Sunfinity grows, pinching off old blooms will encourage more new flowers and keep plants tidy-looking


Landscape Gardening Care Instructions