Sunfinity™ Inspiration

As versatile as it is beautiful, Sunfinity™ Sunflowers can be used in a multitude of ways. From the landscape bed to an indoor bouquet, Sunfinity brings beauty to your home and garden — inside and out. Click the images below to see how gardeners and professionals like you use Sunfinity to bring color to their garden all summer long.

Scenic Sunfinity: Get a Closer Look At Your Favorite Sunflower

Sunfinity Sunflowers can grow up to 48 inches tall and more than 24 inches wide. But don't let their impressive size fool you! Get close and discover the beauty in Sunfinity's fine detail – vibrant petals, intricate flower disk, and emerging buds. Check out this gallery to view some up-close photos of Sunfinity Sunflowers.